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How does friendslookup.com find the results shown?

friendslookup.com looks directly at various sites to compile data about individuals. If a user types a name and clicks the "Search" button, we consult all relevant sites in search of information available about that person at that time. Each time a name is entered a new search is done, whereby results may vary on a case-to-case basis. Some data is not correct The data is automatically collected and can not be verified for accuracy. There may be incorrect or outdated information among them. Also, the information on a namesake of the person you are looking for. Do not immediately assume that the information is always correct.

Can I remove information about myself?

We can not remove data from third-party sites. Please ensure that your data is removed locally. We can only ensure that data is not traceable through friendslookup.com. When a search result is blocked (only) the results of friendslookup within the search engine are automatically deleted over time. (Bottom right: Block this search result) Please allow for some time for blocks to be effectuated. (Max 48 hours). Warning: It is possible that a result is found twice on friendslookup. Once by first name and last name, and sometimes by first name, last name and town. If you would like to block both results please submit a request on both pages.

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